Inspirational Athletes

As we come to the very end of sporting year at Herbert Morison, it is fitting that taking place during this week are the ‘World Para Athletics Championships’, where athletes with disabilities from around the world have come to London to compete. If ever there were inspirational people to get us all motivated to do sport and just try our best to exercise, I think it is the stories and abilities of the para-Olympians.



Jonnie Peacock won his 100 metres race for men who have had a leg amputated below the knee.
One of the wheel-chair athletes pictured above, suffered a farming accident, and became paralysed from the waist down at the age of 14, but wanted to show and make her dad proud that she can do things well. She has already won a gold medal.
So, if perhaps you are worried what others might say about you doing sport or taking part in a competition, try not to be, there are so many benefits from exercise and sport.
I hope all the children and families of Herbert Morrison have a safe, active sporting summer.

Sporting Competitions come to an end this year

Boys from year 6 completed the last of our sports competitions by attending a football tournament at Ferndale Sports Centre.
The competition was the probably the toughest of the year, as it was the last year 6 football competition of the year.
On another day with a bit of luck we could have progressed further, but on this occasion we only managed to win one match. We were drawn in a difficult group which did not help our cause.

Well done to all the players for giving it their best and learning that competition can be very challenging and involves a lot of hard work.
Thank you to all the children of Herbert Morrison for their efforts in sport this year. I hope you have been challenged but also had lots of fun!



What have you enjoyed about sport and P.E. this year?

A Great End to the Football season for Herbert Morrison

Finally, a long season came to an end with one of the team’s best performances. The team faced the challenge of playing second place Telferscot – a big test. Herbert Morrison rose to the challenge and played some of their best football of the season winning 2 – 0. I think our team was always the better, and it was pleasing that we did not let a goal in.
There were fantastic performances from every player that took part.




I am very happy for all the players that they finished the season so well, and can all be proud of their performances.

A Scorching Cluster Athletics Competition

On Tuesday 20th June some year 5 and 6 children went off to Tooting Bec Athletics track to compete in the annual cluster competition featuring nine local schools. It was an extremely hot day, so the abilities and the fitness of the children were truly tested. The children took part in a number of events from running to shot put.




There were some great performances with Wins in the year 6 relay, shot put, long jump and sprint, and a year 5 win in the speed jumping.



Well done to all of those that took part in a very enjoyable day of athletics.

Sports Day is Coming!!

Next Friday we hold our annual sports morning.

I have seen many differently organised sports day events over the years, but think ours is one of the best. We let children from year 1 right up to year 6 work and cooperate together in teams. The aim is to compete against other teams but also have fun. Taking part in sport and exercise is a real positive life choice for all of us, so just by taking part you are all winners.

Because there is some competition on sports day there are winners and losers and it is always difficult to get that message across. We will give out winning team medals, and awards for class successes along with special achievement awards, so hopefully many children will be pleased.
We have asked School Council for their ideas and tried to add them in, but if you have any suggestions how we can improve sports day in the future please let us know?

Herbert Morrison near the end of their football season

As the football season all over Europe draws to a close, there are champions, runners-up, almosts and disappointments. As Herbert Morrison near the end of their season, we took 18 year six children to the Fulham Football Training Ground where the professionals train and prepare for their matches. The children took part in an end of season tournament.



Earlier that week Fulham had narrowly missed out on a place in the Premiership Play-off final.


Sadly the same happened to one of our teams, reaching their semi-final and narrowly losing 1 – 0. There was a lot of disappointment for the players as I’m sure there was with the Fulham players.

Our second team tried very hard in their group and gain experience against tough competition but unfortunately did not progress to the knock-out stages of the competition.



We hope all players appreciated the experiences of the day.

What has been your most memorable sporting day?

Lightning strikes 3 times for Herbert Morrison Football Team

Herbert Morrison lost 4 goals to 3 for the third time this season!
Not only did we lose,but we had fought back from 3 – 0 down to draw level at 3 – 3, before the final controversial goal. Some players felt that the ball went through the side netting, where there was a gap.

Sport and in this case football can be uncertain, so that is part of the excitement and reason to take part. When everyone lines up and shakes hands, you then find out throughout the match what happens. Little things change the course and result of a match. At the end we sometimes blame so me one or something due to the disappointment. Win or lose, Saturday’s game will be remembered!
The player from the other team probably knows if he scored or it went through the side netting – what would you do if you won a game with a goal that you knew wasn’t a goal?
Would you tell the referee, or would you say nothing because the final decision has to be the referees?
I think it would be very brave to say something if it meant your team did not win or lost a match!
What would you do?