An Unbelievable and ‘Moving’ Thank you for everyone’s Support for Sport Relief

This last Sport’s blog of the Spring term is all about Sport Relief.
At the end of last term staff discussed holding a Sport Relief event this year, where we would encourage children to run or move a mile a day for one week. We were unsure of how many children and parents would wish to get involved, so thought it would be quite a small event.


But once again the children and parents of Herbert Morrison have shown how wonderful they are!
Firstly the children accepted the challenge, right from Reception to year 6, with well over one hundred children moving an extra-mile a day.



The children involved all got better and better with their running and understanding of pace when running longer distances. Everyone tried their best and had fun at the same time and of course helped raise money for a worthy cause.

Finally a massive thank you to all parents, carers and families who supported and encouraged their children to get involved.



Lots of children are still asking if we are still doing Sport Relief but sadly it has finished now. Perhaps we will try to continue the ‘Mile Challenge’ is some way during the summer term!


A Good Week in Sport at Herbert Morrison

Well done to all year five and six competitions this week in the Lambeth Saturday Football League and the Lambeth Schools Netball Competition.


On Friday on an extremely cold day seven brave players headed off to Streatham and Clapham High School for the Lambeth Netball Competitions. Over one hundred children attended from all over Lambeth representing around 24 different schools. As mentioned the weather was very, very cold and not really suitable for netball. The team tried hard and learnt a lot so they played finally winning two matches and losing three. Well done to all players.



After a busy cold Friday it was on to Saturday morning and our football team braved the cold once again in the first round of the Lambeth and Southwark Cup against Macaulay School. The players achieved an amazing 12 – 0 victory, which they deserved after some heavy defeats before.


Well done to all the players and many congratulations on not giving up and recording a great win.

Herbert Morrison Football Team unveil their new kit.

When you wear a kit or a uniform it means that you are part of a wider and bigger group.
Can you name any of the teams that these football kits belong to?




Some are more well known than others!
But I am sure that anyone who has put on these kits have felt pride.
The plain red shirt is the shirt worn by The England team when they won their only World Cup in 1966.
Herbert Morrison have a new kit.

The colours reflect our P.E. kit, but also needed to be a different colour to our ‘burgundy’ kit. We still need to add a badge, but what do you think about the kit? Let us know.
Hopefully, all players now and in the future will wear the kit with pride as they represent Herbert Morrison!



One-third of all children over-weight

When you read a statement like the one above it can seem shocking, but it is something to seriously consider. Research in the UK suggests that one in every three children between the age of 2 and 15 are over-weight, which may lead to medical difficulties later in life.

What do you think should be done about this concern?

One thing that has been done is to either reduce the amount of sugar in some soft drinks or to raise the prices of those drinks high in sugar.
One can of fizzy drink can sometimes contain more than the total amount of sugar you should have in one day!

On a different subject but still P.E. connected – read this quote and tell us what you think it is saying about sport.

Finally, keep up the exercise and taking part in sport. Don’t forget to have fun too?



Why is exercise good for us?

It is always good to be reminded of the benefits of exercise and not too long ago I shared some of these ideas in an assembly at Herbert Morrison.
We used clues to try and work out some good things about doing exercise.

Perhaps you can work out from the clues some of the reasons why exercise is important for us as humans?
But I will share a few ideas:
Firstly, you will not grow muscles like ‘the Hulk’, but exercise will help your bones and muscles grow well.
The picture of the cat thinking that he is a lion is because sport and exercise can boost confidence in many people.
The heart is because exercise keeps our hearts healthy – at rest our hearts beat about 50 times a minute, but during exercise it may beat up to 160 times.
Finally, there is a set of weighing scales – regular exercise(between 30 minutes and 1 hour each day) helps control our body weight.

From the clues you can see that there are many more positive reasons for exercise.
Walking, running, swimming, a team sport – whatever you choose it should have positive benefits for you – so give exercise a go! Good luck!

Steady start to sport at Herbert Morrison 2017

The 2017/18 sporting season is up and running at Herbert Morrison.
Lots of after-school clubs are up and running from football to taekwondo to gymnastics.


Competitions started with cross country and Saturday football league underway.




Great to see so many children showing their ability in a range of sports and during P.E. lessons. Keep up the good work.
Remember ‘Healthy body, healthy mind’.

New Year and New Opportunities

After the summer break we are now getting back into full-flow with sport at Herbert Morrison. A number of clubs are up and running and gymnastics our new club will be starting next week. Our Saturday Football league team is making ready for a new challenging and competitive season, and we are beginning to organise other competitions for as many children as possible.
The pictures below show that there are always opportunities for people to take part in sport.


The Premier League has begun for elite footballers and the Invictus Games is due to start for those injured or affected during combat.

Whatever your sporting interests – get out and give things a go and have fun as a new sporting year at Herbert Morrison dawns.